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Introducing Net

“To save and protect” is our motto.

Whether you are a home computer user, a large business with servers and networks or any and everything in between, we can watch over your computer safety either remotely from one of our netlifeguard stations or on location in your home or offices. We specialize in the remote removal of malicious invasions and viruses and the installation of programs,networks,printers and entire systems.We can also come to your home or office to install and/or service computers, printers and networks. Give us a call today for more information on how we can help keep you and your employees from drowning in todays sea of technology which is rapidly becoming more and more infested with malicious predators. Don’t be fooled by websites that offer free or inexpensive programs that only do half the job and may include the installation of viruses and robots themselves. CALL US TODAY for the real solution!

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ImageThe 10 Most Destructive PC Viruses Of All Time
Causing close to $100 billion in damage to businesses worldwide, PC viruses have brought the world a massive headache. We name the 10 most destructive of the past 20 years.


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